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The Dental Ministry

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The dental ministry of NACE was begun in the early years of the new millennium of the year 2000 by Dr. Felix Lawrence. Dr. Lawrence had enjoyed an effective career as a dentist in the United States and at the time was winding a career as profess of dentistry at the historic Meharry MedicalCollege in the School of Dentistry. Having done dental ministry in Africa, Dr. Lawrence welcomed the opportunity to journey with the NACE Team to Jamaica to establish the dental ministry there. The NACE Dental Ministry was initiated under the leadership of Pastor Donald Lawrence, then pastor of the Grateful Hill Circuit of Baptist Churches. The ministry was located at Grateful Hill Baptist Church, above Discovery Bay, St. Ann, Jamaica. The equipment used was left over from a previous missionary group of
Caucasians from the state of Mississippi in the U S. Arriving on the scene in Jamaica, Dr. Lawrence utilized his own equipment and instruments to service many who came to take advantage of his ministry. After about three years of minimal dentistry work, viz., extracting teeth, Dr. Lawrence did not
continue. Following him was a dental hygienist, Dr. Carla Newbern. Dr. Newbern gave her all to the work of cleaning teeth of those whom she serviced and providing tooth paste, tooth brushes and the like and giving advice as to how to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

The untimely death of Dr. Carla Newbern brought to a momentary halt the dental ministry. The ministry was placed in abeyance. However, the advent of Dr. Robert Phillips, a dental surgeon from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma onto the board of directors for NACE eventually delivered to the dental ministry program a windfall of dental equipment from Dr. Phillips. After a fruitful and eventful career as a dental surgeon, Dr. Philips graciously agreed to give as a gift to the NACE Dental Ministry all of his dental equipment. Given during the year 2021, Dr. Phillip’s gift approached the value of one million U.S. Dollars ($1,000,000.00). By the grace of God, the NACE Dental Ministry has a bright and glorious future to the Glory of God.

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