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  • Jamaican unemployment is from 25% – 35% adults and possibly greater for teenage males
  • Farmable land is in abundance, making  the likelihood of farming a great possibility
  • Winter months in the inner cities of metropolitan areas in the north of the United States are hard and cold.  Nutritious foods are hard if not impossible to come by
  • Hunger and unemployment are a grave reality in the inner cities of  the northern cities of the U S
  • Thus, the likely combination of jobs for Jamaicans and food and jobs for African Americans

A Jamaican farmer on the way to the marketplace.  This farmer has a 50 lb bag of string beans, a bag of cabbage and other produce she has grown strapped on the back of her donkey.


 Jamaican farmer breaking from a rigorous day in the field.  This farmer grows succulent and tender okra, among other vegetables


This Jamaican farmer is ready to gather his crop.  He has a sprawling farm of several acres filled with cabbage, potatoes, carrots, and other vegetables.  In St. Ann’s Parish alone, there are 17,000 farmers ready to produce fresh vegetables for the African American market in cities of the north in the U S.

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