The National Association of Christian Educators (NACE) is a Christian organization that exists for the purpose of promoting Christian education and missions. We were organized in May of 1998 in the city of Birmingham, Alabama at the St. John Baptist Church Edgewater of which Dr. Jonathan McPherson is pastor. At the initial meeting, Dr. Amos Jones, Jr., of Nashville, Tennessee was named president and Dr. Bobby L. Truitt of Augusta, Georgia was named secretary. Dr. Alfred DeWayne Hill, pastor of the Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church of Memphis, Tennessee, preached the first sermon at this organizational meeting.

Our initial focus was to develop a curriculum for the promotion of Christian education and leadership training. To this end, a curriculum guide, The Guidepost, was developed. In the years 1999 and 2000, NACEINTL pursued the development of a project to enhance the knowledge of Silver Bluff Baptist Church, the mother of all Negro churches in the United States founded in 1773 by the Reverend George Liele in Beech Island, South Carolina. The Kimberly Clark Corporation funded the effort in the amount of $250,000.00.

During this same period of time, the beginning of the new millennium of the 21st Century, NACEINTL launched its international ministry on the island nation of Jamaica. An exploratory trip was made to Jamaica by Dr. Amos Jones, Jr., and Dr. J. Rayford Goodwin, pastor of the Mt. Olive Baptist Church, Chicago, Illinois. From that visit, mission ventures have been made to the Discovery Bay and Runaway Bay communities of St. Ann Parish in Jamaica where Christian educators from all over the U S conducted Christian education classes and classes in computer training and technology. This ministry continues to this day. In addition to the missions and Christian education work that is currently being conducted in Jamaica, NACEINTL is presently constructing a school building in the Keith Community of St. Ann Parish. The school building is the Dr. Alfred DeWayne Hill Administration Building of the Keith All Age School, Keith, St. Ann, Jamaica. The initiation of the project was made possible by a generous donation of $60,000 by the widow of Dr. Hill, Mrs. Doris Thomas Hill of Memphis, Tennessee.